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We will have a comprehensive program that is packed with exciting content.
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At the Eikefet Quarry, Romarheim AS operates three autonomous CAT 772G dump trucks equipped with the autonomous haulage solution delivered by Steer AS. Join us for an exclusive visit to this unique production site and delve into the learning and firsthand experience of small-scale autonomous production.

NOTE: There is a limited availability of seats for the excursion.
NOK 500 incl. transportation and logistics.

26.9. Fully booked
27.9. Available seats (Next day)

26.09 – 08:00 Solheimsviken 9c

27.09 – 09:00 Solheimsviken 9c

DNB,  kindly provides a light lunch at the conference venue located at Solheimsgaten 7C.


– Combining AI and Climate Data for Efficiency and Emissions Reduction

Christoffer Hernæs / Jacob Døskeland

Always updated, always available, for everyone involved.

Dirk Niemann

Unveiling the New ISO Standard

Mikko Vesanen

Unveiling the New ISO Standard

Mikko Vesanen

A Nordic Builder/Owner’s Take on Zero Emission Goal

Gina V. Ytteborg

Pioneering Effortless Integration of zero-Emission Machines with Entrepreneurs

Kim Massey

Applied Hydrogen- retrofitting and transforming the heavy machine fleet

Vidar Steen-Halvorsen

– The Journey to Autonomous Retrofitting

Geir Ståle Kleppe og Kåre Romarheim

– Experiences from the first Autonomous Compactor

Kristen Pettilon



We meet in the restaurant Ostra, just a leisurely 3-minute stroll from the venue, for an enjoyable and informal evening among fellow industry peers.

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